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Pet Boarding Service | Animals trust Donna

Donna calm demeanour allows her to quickly develop a trust bond with your pet. As an animal expert, she has insight into what an animal needs to relax while boarding.

Pet boarding is a service that is traditionally offered by professional pet kennels, where a pet owner can leave their pet in the care of the boarding service while they’re away. Boarding your pet can be a daily service (e.g., while you’re at work) or for longer periods of time (e.g., vacation, work travel, hospital stays, etc.).

Deciding whether or not to board your pet — and choosing the right type of boarding — depends on the needs of the individual pet. You know your pet best. Before committing to boarding, assess your pet’s personality and needs. Pet boarding isn’t for everyone; behavior and emotional issues could prevent your pet from succeeding in a boarding scenario, as could a troubled or traumatic past. Many pets have increased anxiety and stress when they’re taken from the comfort of their homes. In these cases, having a trusted pet sitter stay at your home may be the best option to ensure that your pet feels comfortable and secure.

Types of Pet Boarding:

Animal Care in Shelby
Small Boarding Kennel
Personal Care Kennel
Pet Boarding Service
Pet Boarding Shelby

Boarding at a veterinary facility leaves your pet in the care of professional caretakers for the duration of your leave. The chief benefit of boarding at a veterinary facility is that your pet is in the most qualified hands, best equipped for specialized care and emergencies. As such, this option is best for dogs that need to be observed closely and those that need frequent medical attention.

Pets are excited about returning for a repeat visit. They often race to their room, surprising and amazing their owners. Dogs and cats remember the kindness because each animal experiences kindness from the staff, friendship with other guests, relaxation and pampering, wonderful treats, and playtime in our courtyards and occasionally throughout our farm.

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